The Cartography of the Internet

Upon first glance, this map may look like international trade routes — showing important ports like New York, London, Egypt and Singapore and the various passages between them. Which it is, sort of. This map represents the voyages of our data from computer port to computer port, as it travels around the world in mere milliseconds. TeleGeography created this Submarine Cable Map to illustrate how the Internet has grown and to display exactly how we transmit and share information and stay connected with friends, family and random strangers. Interestingly, Antartica is the only continent that doesn't have a broadband connection and thus relies on satellite for communications, the issue being the -80˚C temperatures and strain from ice. While the cables are quite reliable elsewhere, they can be broken by external factors, so next time the Internet cuts out don't be so quick to judge your Internet Service Provider. You might have to blame an earthquake, anchors, a shark bite, or even pirates trying to make a quick buck. Oh, those pirates.